Tai Chi Class

Welcome to WholenessInMotion. Tai chi is a whole body and mind exercise that combines meditation, martial art and health tonic in one. This particular form is the Yang style, 37 posture short form as taught by Prof. Cheng Man-ch'ing. This fascinating and intricate exercise has many benefits and just about anyone can practice it.

Take a look at this site and consider the study of relaxation and how it can benefit you in your daily life. I look forward to working with you. Tom Daly



Here are videos that I would like to share.  Not all of these are tai chi but to my thinking are tai chi related.

Prof Chen Man-Ch’ing doing the form:


Here is another Prof. Chen Man-Ch’ing doing the form:


Younger Prof. doing the form:

Prof. Chen man-Ch’ing sword form (later in his career):


Another later Sword form from Professor:


Lecture on Vulnerability from a researcher.  This is included because I think tai chi ultimately leads to vulnerability as the means of centeredness and connection.  See what you think:



Here is a brief video where I am teaching a sword move:



Amy Cuddy on how body language shapes who you are: