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Welcome to WholenessInMotion. Tai chi is a whole body and mind exercise that combines meditation, martial art and health tonic in one. This particular form is the Yang style, 37 posture short form as taught by Prof. Cheng Man-ch'ing. This fascinating and intricate exercise has many benefits and just about anyone can practice it.

Take a look at this site and consider the study of relaxation and how it can benefit you in your daily life. I look forward to working with you. Tom Daly



Corporate Tai Chi Chuan Classes in New York City

Offer an on-site tai chi class for employees, an excellent way to assist your employees to improve health, wellness, better teamwork and reduce stress. This gives employees a different context to meet each other, one that can foster better working relations. Give your employees access to this effective exercise today!

Stress on the job can lead to a decreased willingness to take on new and creative endeavors. Depression, only one type of stress reaction, is predicted to be the leading occupational disease of the 21st century, responsible for more days lost than any other single factor.

More than ever before, employee stress is being recognized as a major drain on corporate productivity and competitiveness. Some companies claim to have returns of as much as 300% on investments in encouraging healthy living in the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration declared stress a hazard of the workplace. $300 billion, or $7,500 per employee, is spent annually in the U.S. on stress-related compensation claims, reduced productivity, absenteeism, health insurance costs, direct medical expenses (nearly 50% higher for workers who report stress) and employee turnover. Job burnout experienced by 25% to 40% of U.S. workers is blamed on stress.

Tools to relieve stress include exercise, physical relaxation techniques, meditation and mentally taking time off from stressful situations. Tai Chi involves all of these at once. Additionally, it can encourage better sleeping patterns and improved digestion of nutrients. Add to this the benefits of psychological and philosophical coping strategies (this is a martial art), what you have is a powerful tool to reduce stress and increase vitality (mental and physical).

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